I've started a new project called Binary Coded Decimal, as an attempt to split some of the published works. I want it to be much harder, possibly even get into some sort of Agrotech style, but for now it's still too similar to my past works. No useful pages, but one song, so go download it and enjoy.


OK, I've been lazy on the music pages. Ce la vie. But here are the important announcements regarding the demo album.

The demo album can be previewed in its entirety at And it's available for purchase on as MP3 downloads.

There's also a new song hiding on the site which I will see if I can make browsable.


Eek gads, a super long time. Still doing music, and updated and added equipment. Also my software in use has started to migrate around. Check out the About page for more details of that.

New songs have been added, but I need to update the download section with them. Watch out for a "Demo Album" list, a "Archive" page (for older stuff), and a "W-I-P" page for works-in-progress or new stuff.


Ok, it's been a long time. But, lots of things have changed. Ampcast is gone (sometimes). I've moved, acquired new hardware, reconfigured my studio, worked on a few things, and in general haven't been doing much music exactly. But things are coming together again.

Updated the equipment list, too.


Check out the music section for my GarageBand instrument patches.


Modified contact info.


I added several new songs and created pages for it all.


I have recently added a new tune to my Ampcast site. Check it out here. Also, I uploaded all of my music to this site. I do not have any type of interface or order to the files yet, but if you want to hear everything I've made in the last 5 years, check it out at this link.


Welcome to Heaven Industries, my site dedicated to my music, and the creation of music using all manner of equipment. The primary musical style is electronic/electronic industrial, but sometimes some classical sounding material slips in. Since I make the music, I can't really judge what genre it goes into easily. My influences are EBM, synthpop, electronic industrial, industrial, some past years of classical piano, and the occasional metal. Current favorite bands: Assemblage 23, NamNamBulu, VNV Nation, Apopytgma Bezerk, and recently November Process.

Originally, my goal was to make music with as little cash outlay as possible. This was accomplished under the Tuorum name. I have kept the artist name Tuorum, but now I am migrating to creating higher quality music using higher-end equipment. Please visit my equipment page to get some idea about what I'm using currently.

Please browse around the site. I have some lyrics / poems I have posted. Also visit my LiveJournal to see what I'm up to. It tends to get updated on an almost daily basis.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find music you like.

Originally, the music was all free. This is now changing with the release of my demo album for sale on Some songs will still be available for download and I'm still posting new work and some work-in-progress pieces. So feel free to download anything from here you find. I will still keep the same rules for my music use.

If you use it at all:
Give me credit. Though I enjoy making this music, it does cost money (e.g. equipment) and takes time to produce. Make my artist name (Tuorum) and website available
If you use it to sell an item:
Gimme one;). If it's a car, well... Ok, if you are selling cars, you can probably afford to give me one in lieu of the licensing required for a "popular" song. If it's food, gimme food. Food is good.
If you use it at a club:
Tell me! And if it's in Florida, I would like to come by and listen. Maybe free cover? Or a free drink?
If it is used in a game:
Gimme! Come on, giving me one game and credit is hardly going to cost what some people charge.
Something else:
Don't see your specifics here? Email me. I'm quite open to having my music used all over the place. So there is a 99% chance you can use my music.
What you CAN'T use it for:
Anything mean! This includes playing on loudspeakers prior to bombing something. I want nothing to do with harming others and I don't want my music used in that purpose. Also, no illegal activity. This does not include sharing on P2P networks, though. That is ok.
Copyright ©2008 Andrew Barber (aka Tuorum)
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