About Heaven Industries

Heaven Industries is the new face of Tuorum. Now the posibility exists of colaboration with others in a "band" context, as well as the definition of a higher-end music direction.

Heaven Industries is an idea I came up with 6/12/2004 around 2:00am EST. I'm not sure yet where it wants to go, but I am going to let the inspiration take over. Below is the current thoughts and/or plan for this project.

Project points to ponder

More professional sounding music
Put a more professional sounding feel to my music. This includes increasing the length of the songs (which have recently become annoyingly short)
Better site organization
To go with the more professional sound, I would like a more professional looking site. A redesign is in order.
Easier name to remember
Tuorum Musica and the associated web & email addresses are hard to remember when given out. They define the site well (Your music, free for you to download, and free information), but they just don't flow off of the tongue very well. Heaven Industries works better (in my current 2:30am inspired mode). The possibility exists of a migration to a new domain (currently looking at www.heavenindustries.com), but this will need some investigation so I don't step on anybody's toes; commercial or otherwise. The domain is not registered at all, though, which makes it fair game.
Anything else that comes to mind
I'm sure inspiration will take me where it wants to go.

About Tuorum

Me! :P

Tuorum is my alter-ego for electronic music compositions.

Profession (Unix Administration information)
Electronic music creation hobby
Electronic music info

I have been into performing music for a long time. I have never been particularly good at it, but I find great enjoyment by making music that I like to listen to.

When I was younger (14-17), I played with a friend of mine in my home town. We didn't have gigs or any type of public performance (except once at the county fair... you can guess how that went) but we had fun. He played drums and I was on keyboard or guiter. I wasn't very good, but I could keep a rythym:P

During this time, I managed to get my parents to purchase different equipment. The last piece of music equipment I had (until now) was a Yamaha PSR-510 keyboard. It was advanced for the time (1989-90 I think) and was priced rather high at $550. But I liked it and it has a cool sequencer in it. In fact, I made music with it until 1994.

Fast forward to the year 2000. I move to Tampa for a job and my wife finds mp3.com and "trance" music. Boy I liked this stuff. I ended up on the web for hours on end downloading software (hours because of the 56Kbps modem:). The first stuff I worked with was recording small loops from the keyboard as wav files and sticking them into Sonic Foundry's Acid Xpress. NEAT!

So here I am now.... The old keyboard is now guts in an old external SCSI CDROM case (Still works via MIDI :P). The PC was upgraded into oblivion. (PC Tech geeks know this as every single part has now been swapped out and there is no more remaining of the original PC.) The rebuilt PC was eventually moved out for a "branded" system. And there is now way too much hardware and software to count.

Unix System Administration

My work career began in the summary of 1992 (between my junior and senior year in highschool) when I got a job as a PC Tech at ACR Systems, Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida. The only reason I knew about the job was that my mother knew the owner and his wife. I wouldn't have even know where to start in this field without the skills I gained there. But the pay was rather low.

Between 1992 and 1998, I held several different positions within the company:

  • PC Tech - built and repaired PC's
  • Hardware Integration - PC Tech, but with a cool title. Put together systems use for Point-of-Sale.
  • Maintenance Programmer - After a year of classes at UNF, I did some work on the Point-of-Sale code.
  • System Administration - While programming, I met up with my brief mentor
    (he may not have thought of it that way, but hindsight reveals that is what I thought of him).
    This dude was a god on these systems. I vowed that I would be that wicked.

While at ACR, I did my best to learn as much as I could about the Unix operating systems (SCO Unixware 2.x and OpenServer 5) and learn all manner of coolness: shell scripting, system administration, network configuration, etc.

But I long since moved on to work for GTE as a UNIX Admin & App support guy, and now with a different company doing web app support and webserver admin. Ain't life grand.

My resume speaks for itself. Even now I am still inspired to be the best at what I do as well as help others in my field.

PC Tech - AKA tech junky

Ever since my PC Tech days, I have built my own PCs. I would build my own laptops except that the prices would be too high:P

My main system now is mainly an extension of my first PC in 1988: A PC-XT clone. I will give a detailed cronology: (not necessarily accurate since it was so long ago)

  • PC-XT - EGA video, 1MB memory (640k usable) - 30MB MFM disk (reformatted as RLL)
  • Swapped motherboard for 286-12MHz 1MB memory (unless noted, the case and all components remains the same)
  • Swapped motherboard for 286-20MHz 2MB memory - added second MFM disk (20MB) This is the disk that all the movies have as making the "computer" sound. (If your techie, you know what I'm talking about.)
  • Upgraded to VGA video
  • Added an 8-bit sound card. With custom MIDI interface. (Unfortunatly I didn't have the patience to learn it:()
  • Replaced hard drive and controller (MFM/RLL) with IDE drive (40MB I think)
  • Swapped motherboard for 386sx-33MHz 4MB memory (I was smokin'! Same VGA (Trident 8900 ISA)
  • Swapped motherboard for 386DX-40MHz 8MB memory (AMD 386- The best!) (By this time, the Pentium 60 was released, but I couldn't afford anything more than the 386)
  • Replaced and added hard drives (Not sure what size, but somewhere in the 50MB-170MB range)
  • Case and powersupply sold off. Computer's home became the floor with some wierd luggable-case's power supply. (That's right, on the floor. The carpet. The boards were just standing in the sockets.) I ended up spilling cola when the system was off and soaked all the boards in Alcohol. Lucky break that it all worked afterwards.
  • Due to a tragic miscalculation of cabling (I pulled the keyboard cable and it bent over some of the boards in the afore mentioned "floor" configuration), fried the sound card, video, and IDE controllers. (I knew better and and should have had a case, but I was very broke at the time)
  • Replaced dead sound card with Aztech Sound Galaxy (Modem/soundcard with voicemail and speaker phone:P), video with TSENG ET4000 ISA, and IDE controller.
  • "washed" 386 mother began to give wierd errors.. Upgraded to 486sx-33MHz 8MB memory and added a minitower case (finally)
  • Upgraded hard drives to 170, 270, and 340 MB
  • swapped Motherboard for 486DX2-50 and 16MB memory
  • Upgraded hard drives to 400MB, 640MB, 1.2GB, 2GB
  • by this time I had somewhere around 10 hard drives laying around:P
  • swapped motherboard for 486DX4-100 16MB memory (or maybe 32MB)
  • By this time I had dumpped the separate IDE controllers.
  • swapped motherboard for Cyrix 5x86-(unknown speed, maybe 200MHz?), 32 MB memory
  • upgraded video to STB Velocity 3D PCI, upgraded memory to 64MB, upgraded hard disk to 8GB
  • swapped out sound card for Ensoniq Audio PCI (
  • upgraded video to 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 PCI (WICKED!)
  • swapped motherboard for FIC SD11 & AMD Athlon 500MHz, 64MB memory (Solid)
  • I am now at the first computer I used to make music. See my current equipment.

There is still more, but if you got this far, I praise you. And give you a link to my favorite person!

My Favorite GIR! gir
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