Here are some lyrics I'ver written. Some are old, some are new. Click the song name to view. Some are songish, some are poetry. Some don't make any sense.

Song NameDescription
Thank You For Your SmileDedicated to Layla. I may have only talked with you a few times, but you made a friend in me. Now, you are gone forever.
The DarkeningMe being depressed. This is my release.
Pushed Into MeMore of me being depressed.
MesmerizedA sorry attempted at.... Well, I don't know... Something.
SorryTrying to apologize for my recent (as of 6/2005) mood.
JealousyI really hate feeling this.
Just FriendsI'm trying, but, boy, do I feel shut out some days.

Copyright ©2008 Andrew Barber (aka Tuorum)
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