Click here to get some instrument settings I've created. There might be some requirements (a la CamelAudio's CamelSpace or this cool Pingpong delay), but they should still load ok without them. Let me know if you have problems.

To use these, save them into the following directory:

  • /Users/"myusername"/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/Plug-In Settings/
  • "myusername" is the username you chose during the setup of the Mac. If you don't know it, just go into /Users and choose the one that is not Shared (if there are more than one, then you should know which one is yours).
Once there, open GarageBand, then you open the track detail. At the very top you will see "Software Instrument/Master Track" buttons, and right below a combo box that probably says "Show All". Click the combo box and choose "My Settings" and the new patches will show up.

These are very fat patches. Nothing like any of the default patches, so prepare yourself. 4 tracks of these will wipe out a G4 1.2GHz, so you may want to make use of the track lock feature once you get a track sounding good.

Copyright ©2008 Andrew Barber (aka Tuorum)
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