Tuorum's GarageBand Music

Here are some songs I made while playing around at the Apple store or (as of 7/20/2005) at home on my PowerBook. If you've got a Mac and you want to make something like the trance-ish stuff, go get Camel Audio's CamelSpace. It is WELL worth $85 bucks!

08-21-2005 -- Still amazed by what you can do with this app!

Song Title
t-20051012-2.mp3 FAT synths here :P.
The_Forgotten.mp3 Repetative but melodic. Turn it on and zone out, remembering that which was forgotten.
t-20050922-2.mp3 Beaty but flowy.
t-as-20050916.mp3 Arpeggiated fun. Made at the Apple store in International Plaza.
t-20050915.mp3 Moves a bit. Demo's velocity-sensitive synth feature.
t-20050821.mp3 Slow moving, but beefy?
t-20050820-3.mp3 Starts slow, then goes quick.
t-20050817.mp3 hypnoticish?
t-20050804.mp3 Repetitivitive :P yeah. But sounds neat..
t-20050802.mp3 A little goth, a little electro, a little boring, but nice.
t-20050731-2.mp3 Wow, I impressed myself with this one. At least for the time being.
Copyright ©2008 Andrew Barber (aka Tuorum)
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